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Billax is the first Cross-Border Bill Payment WeChat Mini-Program in the world, it is now available to all WeChat users around the globe.


Billax is a WeChat Mini Programme developed by NoahPay in collaboration with WeChat Pay, Tencent Cloud, and BPAY Group. With Deep Learning and Optical Character Recognition AI algorithms built-in, Billax allows WeChat users are living in Australia to pay for their Australian bills using WeChat Pay at the click of a button.

Billax benefits current & prospect BPAY Billers as well as current & prospect WeChat Pay users by:

For current & prospect BPAY Billers:

  • No WeChat Pay onboarding required as a current BPAY Biller;

  • No system integration required;

  • No WeChat Pay transaction cost involved in addition to existing BPAY premiums;

  • Settlement to businesses will be conducted in AUD with the full invoice amount;

  • Low maintenance as all WeChat Pay related queries and refund requests will be passed on to NoahPay.

For current & prospect WeChat Pay users:

  • Easily accessible using their existing WeChat app;

  • No alternation required to their existing WeChat Pay wallet;

  • On the spot exchange rate to convert CNY to AUD at check out;

  • Instant refund can be requested and processed via WeChat.