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At the end of 2018, the Australian EASI Food Delivery App was linked with WeChat Pay to support food ordering with the Chinese mobile payment tool. The campaigns jointly launched by EASI and WeChat Pay spread across the market quickly and multiplied the number of Chinese consumers of EASI platform, making EASI one of the brands with the largest number of WeChat Pay transactions in Australia.

EASI, formerly known as Melbourne Delivery, is an online food delivery platform with the most Chinese users in Australia. Working with more than 5,000 offline restaurants in major cities of Australia such as Melbourne and Sydney, it is one of the most influential food delivery brands in Australia.

At the first stage of cooperation, EASI linked its App with WeChat Pay to support food ordering with WeChat Pay. This brought great convenience to the Chinese users of EASI platform. The transaction volume was increased tenfold in just the 3 months after WeChat Pay was adopted. In the next stage, EASI plans to use Mini Program as a new platform to reach more local Chinese and Chinese tourists quickly.

EASI also promotes its services by using Moments Ads and other channels, achieving a rapid growth in revenues.