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Terms And Conditions



1.1Billax is a WeChat Mini Program owned and developed by Noah Technologies Australia Pty Ltd which allows you to pay your bills using BPAY references provided by BPAY and using the payment method you trust and love, WeChat Pay.

1.2WeChat Mini Programs are based on a WeChat framework using JavaScript, CSS and a proprietary mark-up language similar to HTML They are easily accessible applications within your WeChat account without the need of downloading.


2.1You are liable for all transactions carried out via BPAY and Billax by you or by anybody carrying out a transaction with your consent, regardless of when the transaction is processed to your account with us.

2.2It is your responsibility to recover any incorrect or duplicate payments made via Billax due to incorrect BPAY details were inputted or fraudulent activities.

2.3Billax shall not be held responsible for any ramifications arises from overdue bill payments. All payments made using WeChat Pay need to allow for at least 3 business days for cross boarder payment processing, as such it is your responsibility to ensure your BPAY bill due date is appropriately managed.

2.4If you notify us that a BPAY Payment made is unauthorised, you must provide us with a written consent addressed to the Biller who received that BPAY Payment allowing us to obtain information about your account with that Biller as is reasonably required to investigate the payment. If you do not give us that consent, the Biller may not be permitted under law to disclose to us the information we need to investigate or rectify that BPAY Payment.

2.5If you are responsible for a mistaken BPAY Payment and we cannot recover the amount from the person who received it within 20 Banking Business Days of us attempting to do so, you will be liable for that payment.

2.6You indemnify us against any loss or damage we may suffer due to any claim, demand or action of any kind brought against us arising directly or indirectly because you did not observe any of your obligations under the Billax Terms and Conditions or acted negligently or fraudulently under this agreement.

2.7Notwithstanding any of the above provisions your liability will not exceed your liability under the ePayments Code.


3.1A BPAY Payment instruction is irrevocable. You cannot stop a BPAY Payment once you have instructed us to make it and we cannot reverse it.

3.2A delay may occur processing a BPAY Payment. E.g. If There is a public or bank holiday on the day after you instruct us to make the BPAY Payment; You tell us to make a BPAY Payment on a day which is not a Banking Business Day or after the cut off time on a Banking Business Day; or A Biller, or another financial institution participating in BPAY, does not comply with its BPAY obligations.

3.3You will be notified with the status of your BPAY payment on each stage via push notifications within your WeChat account.

3.4If we are advised that your payment cannot be processed by a Biller, we will: Advise you of this; Credit your account with the amount of the BPAY Payment; and Take all reasonable steps to assist you in making the BPAY Payment as quickly as possible.

3.5You must be careful to ensure you tell us the correct amount you wish to pay. If you make a BPAY Payment and later discover that the amount you paid was less than the amount you needed to pay, you can make another BPAY Payment for the difference between the amount you actually paid and the amount you needed to pay.

3.6Billax engages third-party providers to provide advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) built-in in order to reduce input time and improve accuracy, however it is crucial for you to validate and verify all BPAY details before confirm payment to ensure all information are as per the bill on hand.


4.1We may collect, hold, use and disclose personal information about you to process your Billax registration, deliver the Billax payment services, assist your Biller with payment enquiries and deal with complaints. We will handle your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We may also collect personal information about you from your Biller, public sources, information brokers and through monitoring and recording interactions with you (e.g. phone, email and online). Some of the information we collect is required by various laws, including the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (Cth).

4.2We may exchange your personal information with your Biller, your authorised representatives, our related companies and our service providers. These companies may be located outside Australia, including The Philippines and the countries.

4.3You acknowledge that we need to collect, verify and handle personal information about you to enable us to deliver all parts of the Billax service and without that information we may not be able to effect certain payment options.

4.4Unless you have told us not to, we may use your personal information to contact you by any means to offer you NoahPay or third party products or services that may be of interest to you. You can change your marketing preferences by phoning us on: 1300 216 218

More help and support are available via instant messaging or email: info@billax.com.au